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The Power of great design

Silver Creek Development (SCD) draws on over three decades of international real estate development and investment experience to develop best-in-class residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments on the west coast of the United States.

Silver Creek Development operates from a profound belief in the power of great design to create extraordinary environments for people while contributing to positive cultural improvements for neighborhoods, and generating significant economic benefits for entire communities.

Franck Ruimy Founder Silver Creek Development

Best-in-class developments

west coast focus

The company has a particular focus on prime locations in Los Angeles that demonstrate the potential to become icons and game-changers with long-term benefits for their surrounding communities.

Long-term benefits for communities

Contemporary Values + Innovation

SCD’s range of developments includes high-rises, boutique condominiums, and creative offices. The thread that ties all of our company’s projects together is a spirit of contemporary values and innovative approaches. Whether developing new properties or revitalizing underused sites, the mission is to support and elevate the way people live, work, play, and travel in the 21st century.

Powerful Partnerships

SCD seeks out the opportunity to partner with the best and most appropriate professionals on every project. From internationally acclaimed architects and designers to seasoned local contractors and consultants and knowledgeable community leaders and residents, the company creates the ideal team for each market we invest in, which allows for the optimal impact in overall development.

Sustainable Investing

SCD proactively promotes environmental sustainability at work and in our investments. We firmly believe that an environmentally conscious approach to investing is more crucial than ever, and we seek to reduce our environmental impact in all our projects. SCD’s seasoned professionals have received awards for innovative environmental design, practices and amenities on US and international developments and redevelopments. We aim to achieve LEED certifications on all new development projects.

Outstanding returns for investors

& communities where they
are located


Silver Creek is committed to delivering high-performance properties that provide outstanding returns for investors and for the communities where they are located through multiple market cycles. To that end, in collaboration with our partners, we take care to thoughtfully study the feasibility, economic impact, and public benefit of every proposed project in order to determine the risks set forth by each investment.

We deploy capital into target markets we have considerable knowledge of while emphasizing downside protection through attractive financing strategies and evaluation of the most effective capital stacks.


Silver Creek Development’s team is committed to innovative thinking and optimized processes. We are committed to developing projects that are pragmatic, beautiful, and locally integrated.

FRANCK ruimy

Over the past 28 years, Franck has amassed extensive expertise in credit and real estate investment, development, and asset management across North America and Europe. His journey led him to establish Silvercreek, a privately-owned venture aimed at pioneering innovative approaches within the industry.

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Charles essig
Managing Director

Charles Essig manages the deal process for SCD; from sourcing and underwriting through due diligence and equity/debt placement at closing for each project.

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Jim cooper

Jim Cooper manages real estate investment and development projects for assets located throughout the United States. He oversees the company’s operations including site selection and acquisition, project financing, asset management and investor relations.

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Bob Micera

Bob leads Silver Creek Development’s industrial development and construction program. He also spearheads efforts to expand the firm’s platform by identifying new capital and debt sources as well as joint venture development partners.

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Anthony Millsaps
Vice President

Anthony oversees the asset management and leasing processes of SCD’s assets. His role involves strategically managing currently owned assets, guiding them through to eventual disposition.

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Jeff jones

Jeff is a Director of Multifamily Development at SCD and JMI (Jones Multifamily Investments). Jeff oversees the Silver Creek Multifamily Development platform.

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Jim jones

Jim is a Director of Multifamily Acquisitions at SCD and JMI (Jones Multifamily Investments). Jim oversees the Silver Creek Multifamily Acquisition platform.

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Pascal carasso
General Manager

Pascal Carasso has served as General Manager, overseeing all areas of operations for related companies for nearly 20 years.

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Suzanne Debruge
Senior Accounting Manager

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Yawniss Garth

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Tina Bello

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